Corporate Culture - Professional Development Meeting

ProfessionalDevelopment Meeting

Corporate Culture
Nov 6, 2017

5:30 – 6:15 PM  Registration Begins
6:15 – 6:50 PM Dinner: Choice of Prime Rib, Chicken French or Orange Roughfy
6:50 – 7:00 PM Section Announcements / Introductions
7:00 – 8:00 PM Program

All reservations for dinner and program must be received no later than noon the day of the dinner meeting. Payment:$20 Cash/credit card; $15 Student.

About The Program:
 Corporate culture. The gray area in today’s black and white, bottom line business that has such a profound effect on quality. Jason will present several real-world roadblocks that are not often discussed in utopian quality improvement classes which can dramatically affect how we as quality professionals do our job. Senior Managers who appreciate the end results of your Quality efforts but don’t want to invest sufficient resources into your process. Deadlines that can’t be moved. Workers that haven’t bought into the quality philosophy. Unions which have an agenda outside of the company’s goal. These are a few of our least favorite things when it comes to implementing quality on a consistent basis. Do you cut corners in your quality process when faced with these types of cultures or do you take a firm stance and insist on doing it right? The program will allow you to share your own unique experiences so that the group as a whole can gain valuable perspectives and be better prepared for future challenges. There is certainly more than one way to get the job done right and it’s up to us to decide what that is.

About the Speaker:
Blending Corporate Process with Employee Culture is a motto that Jason has been living in his career for decades. As a Director of Manufacturing, ISO Professional, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt he leads teams in a variety of settings – each with their own unique culture. Jason enjoys studying business philosophy and finding new ways to affect behaviors based on observing what doesn’t work and then applying improved techniques in the future.

You do not have to be an ASQ member to attend. All are welcome. Membership forms are available at each meeting. For more information about ASQRS including membership, contact Section Chair David Lee

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